Fits hockey and figure skates
Fits hockey and figure skatespink-mensEasy as 1-2-3Skateezsquare_skateez2

Medium Skateez Skate Trainer

$29.99 USD


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  • Provides support for beginning skaters in the same way training wheels work on a bicycle
  • Fits a wide range of hockey and recreational skates up to adult size 9
  • Supports skaters up to 180 lbs/82 kg
  • Rigid enough to hold the skate vertical but flexible enough to allow the skater to ‘edge’ and propel forward
  • Tool free installation process
  • Charcoal gray w/ black velcro strap

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Like training wheels for skates, the goal of Skateez™ is to give children the opportunity to get on the ice and allow them to experience the freedom and enjoyment of ice skating. For parents, it’s a product that relieves them of the back-breaking scenario that typically goes along with teaching their children how to skate.

  • Package includes two (2) skate trainers with velcro straps. Skates shown not included
  • Skateez fits most Hockey and Figure skates, sizes Y8-J3 (3-8 years)
  • US Patent No. US 7,766,346 B2 B2 / Canadian Patent No. 2,625,890
  • Price shown is US dollars.
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Original Skateez

$24.99 US

Original Skateez

$24.99 US

Medium Size
For skaters up to 180lbs/82kg

$29.99 US

Replacement Wedges
For Original Skateez

$9.00 US

Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30.5 x 19 x 8.9 cm



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